Mus茅e Museum

IMG_9307Dear 路 Reader 路 is 路 currently 路 working 路 on 路 the 路 book 路 MUS脡E 路 MUSEUM, 路 together 路 with 路 artist 路 Roel 路 Kerkhofs 路 and 路 writer 路 Tina 路 Ameel. 路 The 路 project 路 started 路 as 路 a 路 residency 路 in 路 a 路 neighborhood 路 in 路 Brussels 路 in 路 August 路 2014. 路 It 路 was 路 a 路 temporary 路 museum 路 in 路 a 路 specific 路 area, 路 where 路 the 路 homes 路 were 路 seen 路 as 路 archives 路 and 路 the 路 residents 路 as 路 archivists 路 of 路 the 路 museum. 路 This 路 resulted 路 in 路 a 路 renewed 路 attention 路 for 路 images 路 from 路 the 路 private 路 space. 路 Read 路 more 路 about 路 the 路 project 路 on 路



This billboard for a supermarket in Wilsele will soon be realized. Inspired by Yaacov Agam we designed a signboard that is readable only at a slant. Imagine the colors lurid yellow and Magritte blue.聽In collaboration with Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.

Th茅芒tre du rideau de Bruxelles

gevelTeam聽Ouest Architecture聽won the competition for the design of the new headquarters of theater company聽Th茅芒tre du rideau de Bruxelles.聽The theater is situated in a residential area. The idea is to make the building visible in a subtle way: not screaming like a commercial, but a design that makes clear nonetheless that this is a place open to the public, rather than a private home.聽In close collaboration with the architects, Dear Reader will create a sign system for inside the building, and a lettering system for the fronts: a frame in which metal letters can be hung, announcing upcoming plays and activities.聽Read more about this project in the magazine about architecture in BelgiumA+, nr 250, article by Vincent Piroux.

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